100% customer recommendation rate – thank you!

Thank you once again to everybody that kindly took the time to give us their feedback in our annual customer survey last month. The results are in, and as usual, we’ve now shared them on our website so you can see how we’re fairing in meeting the pledges laid out in our Customer Promise.

We’re really happy with the overall level of satisfaction that has been reported back to us, and it’s very encouraging to see the positive trends that are now emerging after three years of data collection. We’re especially pleased that we have maintained our 100% customer recommendation score, which is very satisfying!

Graph showing customer survey results

There’ll be no sitting back and relaxing though! The real value of carrying out a customer survey is that it shows us where we need to improve, and one area that we will be focussing on this year will be in nudging up our score for Customer Promise No. 1:

Graph showing customer survey results

Specifically, we have a target of getting you through to speak with a real human within 30 seconds of when you call and connect with us. While over 70% of you gave us the top mark (thank you!) we won’t be satisfied until we’re meeting that pledge for every customer, so we’re going to be honing our telephone systems to ensure we meet our target.

Charity donation winner

As part of the survey, we pledged to make a £100 donation to the chosen charity of a randomly selected respondent. We’re pleased to pass on the news that our winner, David Ross, asked us to donate to the Oxfam Philippines Typhoon Appeal — a good and timely choice, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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