15 years of 1st Easy… today is our birthday!

15 years ago on this very day, our journey as 1st Easy began. It was 1999, and websites looked like this, this, and this (ok, not a drastic change with this one actually — aside from Shania Twain being listed top of their music charts…).

Friends Reunited was about to become a big deal (it would be a good few years before we’d all be Liking and Following on Facebook) and there was nowhere to post selfies so nobody took them (even if that would have been possible on one of these). Google was around, but they were still the internet’s “Good Guys”.

Meanwhile, one 56k modem and a shared AOL connection served our office (we had to take turns to login and download our emails). The Cloud? It wasn’t even a glint in our collective eye as we busily set about designing, building and hosting the first generation of ecommerce sites.


How things have changed! These days, we don’t need VHS instructional videos like this one to explain what the internet is (in fact, it’s incredible to think that if you were born before 1985, you’re considered to be part of the generation to have experienced both a pre-and-post internet world). Now we think it’s the end of the world when we can’t get a 30Mbps download connection, and it won’t be long before the Internet of Things means that everything from our thermostats to our fridges are connected to the internet.



As for us — in these 15 years, our business has changed hugely in terms of the services that we offer (take a look at our new timeline to see our story and a few more historical facts and stats) but our values have remained the same — to put the “human into hosting” — which is something I feel we’re justifiably proud of.

I wonder what the next 15 years will bring?

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