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Jun 17 2014

Announcing Cloud² launch — true commercial resilience via the power of two

By at 14:11 in Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Data Centres, Featured, News

How resilient is resilient? And, what’s at stake? Two irrevocably linked questions when it comes to the technology that drives your business.

There’s no doubt that at some level, your business depends on some kind of underlying hosting infrastructure. Your business depends on your data. And your business probably depends on the online applications that your people — or customers — use every day.

A question that might be uncomfortable to wonder about then is: does all of this depend on one data centre? One platform? One supplier, even?

This is where the power of two comes in.


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May 20 2014

Second cloud build-out coming soon, providing unique commercial resilience in Manchester

By at 10:34 in Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Data Centres, Featured, News

The power of two… We’ve recently announced that work has begun on our second cloud build-out, across the city at our second data centre location, TeleData Manchester.

That geographic separation is important, as it will mean that we’ll be able to offer even greater reliability to our cloud customers, who will benefit from what is best described as “commercial” resilience.

In what we believe to be a unique among cloud infrastructure providers in the North West, customers will be able to take advantage of a doubling up (often referred to as “redundancy”) at each layer of our infrastructure — both in physical terms, and supplier terms: diversity right across our offering.


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Jun 3 2010

Service advisory: Colocation customer access to Reynolds House

By at 8:34 in Colocation, Service announcements

Updated access procedures have been introduced to further improve security at Reynolds House. As of Wednesday 2nd June visitors requiring unaccompanied access to the facility are requested to sign in at Reynolds House, as opposed to the previous procedure of signing in at Turing House. Please note that there are no changes to the online/SMS access request system (The Server Hotel, ground floor) which you should continue to use as normal, prior to your visit.

1st Easy have been pushing for improvements to access at Reynolds House for several years, and the moving of security services across to Reynolds brings two major benefits to you, your colocation services and Reynolds House as a whole:

1. Security is now based within the datacentre building on a 24/7/365 basis – a major security enhancement.

2. Access is now much simpler, with no need to check-in/check-out at Turing before and after a visit.

We hope these improvements are equally seen as a benefit to yourselves.

If you require further clarification or have any access problems, please call our support line (free from a UK landline) on 0808 222 2221 or raise a support ticket with our team via

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Jun 10 2009

Shared Rails servers patched against Ruby vulnerability

By at 18:28 in Ruby on Rails, Service announcements

We’ve just finished rolling out upgrades to Ruby Enterprise Edition on our shared Rails servers to protect against the BigDecimal vulnerability listed at

All our shared Rails hosting accounts are now protected against this vulnerability.

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Jun 3 2009

Nameserver IP address change

By at 13:06 in Service announcements

We have just sent out an announcement to our colo customers notifying you that we will be moving one of our nameservers ( to a different network. I’m just posting it up here too for reference.

Please note that this only really applies to colocation customers, or those who have unmanaged servers that we have no access to. This does not affect any managed server customers, as we will make the necessary changes for you.

If you are using the 1st Easy nameservers for DNS resolution on any of your colocated equipment, you will need to update the IP address of this nameserver on the 17th June.

The specifics of this IP change are as follows:

Current IP of
New IP of

If you do not make this change on the 17th, you may find that DNS resolving slows down as requests to the old IP address time out.

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May 6 2009

Router issue [solved]

By at 17:06 in Service announcements

We have just had an issue with one of our routers losing it’s configuration settings. We have now reverted to a backup system.

Apologies for the interruption, it looks like this took down several switches for around 9 minutes.

UPDATE: We have now fixed the faulty router and so will be switching back to our dual-router setup now. There will be another small outage of 1 or 2 minutes while this is done.

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Apr 30 2009

Network glitches [resolved]

By at 11:07 in Service announcements

We are currently experiencing some intermittent network issues, which appear to be related to some problems that are happening down at LINX this morning.

We will update the blog as we find out more.

UPDATE 11:09AM: The problem is actually due to an issue with our network provider’s routers in Manchester. The problem is being investigated.

UPDATE 11:15AM: The problem was due to a fibre fault between Telehouse London and Telecity Manchester. This has now been fixed by the relevant parties.

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Apr 20 2009

French server problems [RESOLVED]

By at 9:30 in Service announcements

Resolution: A resolution report is available on request – please contact us for full details.

If you have an account on one of our French servers, you may be having intermittent access issues at this time. We have a ticket open with our French server providers and are looking into the issue now.

We will keep this post updated with progress.

3:30PM – The server has now been up (and has stayed up) since just after 2PM. We have spoken to the French supplier and believe this issue is now fully resolved.

12:56PM – The server is down again. We apologise for the inconvenience, it looks like our supplier is having extreme difficulties today.

12:34PM – The server is back up. However, we are not getting any feedback from the French hosts, so do not know whether the problem is fully solved yet.

11:38AM – The server is currently down again. We are waiting for a response from the French providers.

10:47AM – The server is now back online.

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Apr 18 2009

French network issues

By at 10:00 in Service announcements

We are currently seeing very poor network performance to our servers located in France. The route is not completely down, but is showing about 80% packet loss.

If you have a site on one of our French servers you may be seeing issues at this time.

We will keep this post updated.

UPDATE: The network appears to have been stable since about 2PM.

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Mar 16 2009

Passenger, Rails & Ruby Enterprise Edition upgrades!

By at 16:04 in News, Ruby on Rails, Service announcements

We’ve been busy upgrading and improving again! Passenger 2.1.2, Ruby On Rails 2.3 and Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.6 (REE) have all been installed on our shared Rails hosting servers.

The installation of REE should solve any problems for those of you who required Ruby 1.8.6 (as opposed to the 1.8.5 version that comes with CentOS 5) for certain gems to work. The upgraded Passenger should also fix some of the mod_rewrite issues that you may have experienced, but our main reason for upgrading Passenger was to allow us to support the new Rails 2.3 release which has just been officially released today.

While REE has been setup so that Passenger runs your Rails apps with it, if you want to use it from within your SSH environment, there are a couple of little tweaks that you need to do. Just open a ticket and we’ll tell you how to achieve this.

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