15 years of 1st Easy… today is our birthday!

15 years ago on this very day, our journey as 1st Easy began. It was 1999, and websites looked like this, this, and this (ok, not a drastic change with this one actually — aside from Shania Twain being listed top of their music charts…).

Friends Reunited was about to become a big deal (it would be a good few years before we’d all be Liking and Following on Facebook) and there was nowhere to post selfies so nobody took them (even if that would have been possible on one of these). Google was around, but they were still the internet’s “Good Guys”.

Meanwhile, one 56k modem and a shared AOL connection served our office (we had to take turns to login and download our emails). The Cloud? It wasn’t even a glint in our collective eye as we busily set about designing, building and hosting the first generation of ecommerce sites.


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Adopting cloud computing services — where are you up to?

Data included as part of a recent infographic over at CloudTweaks indicates that 50% of organisations are now well on their way to incorporating cloud computing services as part of their IT strategy.

The figures report that 19% of businesses are now using cloud in some form (although this does seem a little low depending on how loosely the term “cloud” is applied!) while 31% are not yet engaged with the idea at all.

What are the factors between these divisions? Thankfully, the infographic gives us some pointers, weighing up the pull and repel elements that are driving and blocking cloud adoption.

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Announcing Cloud² launch — true commercial resilience via the power of two

How resilient is resilient? And, what’s at stake? Two irrevocably linked questions when it comes to the technology that drives your business.

There’s no doubt that at some level, your business depends on some kind of underlying hosting infrastructure. Your business depends on your data. And your business probably depends on the online applications that your people — or customers — use every day.

A question that might be uncomfortable to wonder about then is: does all of this depend on one data centre? One platform? One supplier, even?

This is where the power of two comes in.

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Second cloud build-out coming soon, providing unique commercial resilience in Manchester

The power of two… We’ve recently announced that work has begun on our second cloud build-out, across the city at our second data centre location, TeleData Manchester.

That geographic separation is important, as it will mean that we’ll be able to offer even greater reliability to our cloud customers, who will benefit from what is best described as “commercial” resilience.

In what we believe to be a unique among cloud infrastructure providers in the North West, customers will be able to take advantage of a doubling up (often referred to as “redundancy”) at each layer of our infrastructure — both in physical terms, and supplier terms: diversity right across our offering.

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VMware User Group Northwest event round up

It was a pleasure to be a part of the latest VMware User Group (VMUG) meet up in Manchester last week. Northwest UK Group Leader Nathan Byrne presided over a packed timetable of training and talks that culminated in the vBeers social evening at Tiger Tiger.

During his presentation, 1st Easy director Steve Bell recounted a history of computing from his “card-punching” days working with the IBM mainframes of the late ’70s, through to opportune meetings with the founders of Netscape and Google investors, right up to the cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service arrangements that he’s involved with today.

Steve Bell chats with VMUG members after his presentation

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VMware User Group event, 26th March: cloud, VMware, super cars…

We’re taking our cloud seminar on the road again — this time we’re very much looking forward to being part of the line up at VMUG Northwest which takes place on Wednesday 26th March at the Crowne Plaza Manchester. And yes, we did mention super cars!

In his talk “From waterwheels to cloud” 1st Easy co-founder and managing director Steve Bell will be revealing the link between water-powered industries of days gone by, and the modern day, technology-driven enterprise. And there will be plenty of time for questions and answers as we break out to Tiger Tiger in Manchester city centre, for the 1st Easy-sponsored vBeers evening.

Win an Audi R8 and Impreza STi driving experience

Win an Audi R8 and Impreza STi driving experience

As part of the afternoon, we’ll also be holding a free prize draw for attendees to win a Drive Me experience at Stafford. The winner (picked on the day) will get the chance to drive a 187mph Audi R8 and World Rally Championship winning Subaru Impreza STi.

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Our cloud computing evening at MOSI – a quick review

In the city where the Industrial Revolution began, at a venue devoted to exploring innovation, science and technology, 1st Easy director Steve Bell took us on a tour from the earliest days of industrialised output to the modern world where computing power is available on tap.

In the latest of our cloud computing seminar and business networking events, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester played (a fantastic!) host to Steve’s intriguingly titled talk “From water wheel to… cloud?” during which he explored the role of cloud in the modern business.

Cloud computing services event

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1st Easy cloud event: From water wheel to… cloud?

What’s a water wheel got to do with cloud? You might well ask — just how do we get from the historic cast iron water wheel outside our leafy Cheshire HQ all the way to cloud computing?

Where: Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

When: Wednesday 22nd January, 6pm

Come along to our talk (everyone is invited!) where 1st Easy co-founder and director Steve Bell will be revealing exactly what the link is. We’ll also be talking about how cloud can help modern businesses to reach their true potential, offering one-to-one demonstrations of cloud data centres, while you’ll also be able to network with other businesses over evening drinks and nibbles.

100% customer recommendation rate – thank you!

Thank you once again to everybody that kindly took the time to give us their feedback in our annual customer survey last month. The results are in, and as usual, we’ve now shared them on our website so you can see how we’re fairing in meeting the pledges laid out in our Customer Promise.

We’re really happy with the overall level of satisfaction that has been reported back to us, and it’s very encouraging to see the positive trends that are now emerging after three years of data collection. We’re especially pleased that we have maintained our 100% customer recommendation score, which is very satisfying!

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It’s that time of year again… the 1st Easy Customer Satisfaction survey

The first few signs of autumn are upon us: the early morning dew, just a hint of a chill in the air, and of course, firing up the central heating at 1st Easy HQ… It also means it’s time for us to ask for your input with our short and snappy, ten-question annual customer satisfaction survey!

Now in its third year, this survey has been a very important way of gaining your thoughts and feedback, and is also a vital part of our ISO9001 certification. Each year we share the results on our website so you can see what your overall verdict was, and check how it compared with the previous year.

So if you have a spare five minutes, we’d really appreciate your help in giving us the views that count the most — yours!

As always, everybody that takes part will be entered into a draw to win a £100 donation to the charity of their choice.

Thanks for your help as usual — here’s the link to our survey.