Cloud to the rescue? Announcing our new cloud Disaster Recovery service

For many businesses, putting a contingency plan in place for their IT is an expensive job. It might well involve investing in and maintaining a second physical infrastructure. All that costly hardware sitting there waiting for a piece of the action — a fateful day that may never come.

But of course, you absolutely need it there, just in case. It might even be part of your best practice certification obligations.

This is where one of the big strengths of cloud comes in. With cloud, there are no long term investments in physical hardware. You pay for what you need, when you need it — and you can push the overhead of maintaining the underlying infrastructure to your provider.

Our new Cloud DR service gives you a virtual data centre in which to replicate the most important parts of your IT and data assets. And because you’re not going to be using it all the time (unless you’re particularly unfortunate!) you get a heavily subsidised rate for the resources that you’ve got waiting there in reserve.

If you’d like to discuss your DR strategy with us, and understand the finer details of how this new service works, you’re welcome to get in touch. You can call on our main 0808 222 2221 number, or contact us online.

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