Do we make the grade? Tell us what it’s like to be a 1st Easy customer in our annual survey

It’s something we can take a stab at, have a gut feeling about — even take an educated guess at… but only you can tell us what it’s like to be a 1st Easy customer.

Each year, we fire up our trusty old Survey Monkey account (other online survey applications are available of course) and ask you to share your experience with us. Where do you think we’re doing well? Where are we falling short? Do we answer the phone quickly enough? And when you get through to speak with one of our team, do they give you the help you need? After all, it’s no good if we pick up within 30 seconds and you don’t get somebody competent on the other end of the phone!

The results that we get help us to see how closely we’re matching up to the pledges that form our Customer Promise — a (golden, if you like!) standard that we use to try and show there’s substance behind our claims of being something different in the hosting market. It’s also part of our requirement to show that we monitor our service levels and work towards continual improvement for our ISO9001 certification.

If you’re a 1st Easy customer, we’d really appreciate your input — you can share your thoughts with us here (and at the same time, put yourself in the hat to win £100 to spend on Amazon!).


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