Our cloud computing evening at MOSI – a quick review

In the city where the Industrial Revolution began, at a venue devoted to exploring innovation, science and technology, 1st Easy director Steve Bell took us on a tour from the earliest days of industrialised output to the modern world where computing power is available on tap.

In the latest of our cloud computing seminar and business networking events, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester played (a fantastic!) host to Steve’s intriguingly titled talk “From water wheel to… cloud?” during which he explored the role of cloud in the modern business.

Cloud computing services event

Taking a waterwheel as an example, Steve explored how industry in the past was driven by on-site power generation. Not only were these expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain, as a strategy it was difficult to scale if more power was required. Industrial output — and ambition — was being throttled by the limitations of a key resource: the power to drive machinery.

The introduction of the National Grid in the 1930s removed this speed limiter, the availability of reliable power on demand allowed output and productivity to surge. A new, outsourced utility had been born.

Fast forward to modern day, and we’re in a world where businesses are just as much reliant on a new resource: IT. In the same way that the limitations and challenges of on-site power generation once held back industries of the past, the strategies that businesses now use to access IT can now be seen in many ways as holding the key to modern businesses reaching their potential.


Enter cloud, and its ability to deliver computing resources on demand: suddenly all of the time and cost associated with building and maintaining a reliable IT infrastructure is outsourced to a specialist service provider. Computing resources have become the next utility.

Steve’s talk was followed by a question and answers session which included discussion about security in the cloud, capacity planning, and internet access, before cloud demonstrations and networking (with the all important drinks and canapés — our compliments to the chef!).


Our thanks to everyone that took time out to spend the evening with us, and to the team at Harvey Nash who helped to arrange and host the event.

If you’re interested in joining us for our next event, get in touch and we’ll let you know when we’re next on the road.


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