Cloud computing for software and application developers

Whether you develop bespoke software for specific customer requirements, or deliver specialised applications for business processes or vertical markets, what are the benefits that deploying in the cloud can bring to your business (and your customers)?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is nothing particularly new — for many software houses, online deployment of applications (or at least some element of their functionality) has become the norm. Customers benefit from being able to access their applications from remote locations, they get streaming updates to ensure they have the latest features and security patches, while the impracticalities and costs of shipping physical media and the related on-site installation (not to mention dealing with platform differences) are distant memories for most.

The advantages to both developer and customer are clear.

However, as more software and solutions are delivered online, these old challenges are replaced by new ones…

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Cloud Computing Perspectives 3: The End User

In the final part of our “Cloud Perspectives” series, we’ll see how cloud is rising to meet a range of challenges faced (and actually posed by) end-users, and changing the way they interact with their applications and access data.

If you missed the previous two articles in this series, you can catch up here: Cloud Perspectives No.1: The Business Owner, and No.2: The IT Department.

The Challenge for the End-User

For the people using the services that cloud delivers, it’s all about getting things done: without frustration, faster, and in the way that suits them best. The end-user wants:

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Cloud Computing Perspectives 2: The IT Department

Welcome to the next part of our “Cloud Perspectives” series. Last time, we looked at the challenges that IT poses for business owners, and how cloud computing can help to simplify and resolve them. This time, we’re getting close and personal with the people that deal directly with IT every day — the teams responsible for procuring, managing and planning IT resources.

The Challenge for the IT Department

This is an interesting (indeed, read “challenging”) time for IT teams. They’re caught in the middle in a sort of paradox: under pressure from business owners to deliver more, but to do so at a more competitive price. At the same time, they’re facing increasing demand from their users and customers, both in terms of improving the quality of service they provide, and managing an ever expanding infrastructure.

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