Improving the way we work (and that’s official!)

If you’ve looked closely at our website, you may have noticed that we proudly display the ISO 9001 certification logo on our pages. That’s because each year, we’re externally audited and (as long as we’re successful in our assessment — as we were this afternoon!) accredited with this internationally recognised Quality Management Standard.

UKAS Accredited Logo - 1st Easy Limited are ISO 9001 certified; Certificate Number: 10504

You might ask, why is this important to me? Indeed, what does it mean for you as a 1st Easy customer?

Well, the ISO 9001 Standard looks at how processes are used within our business to control the way that our services are delivered to you. Everything that we do — from taking your initial order, to ensuring that we provide a reliable way for you to contact us and provide feedback — has been carefully looked at and properly documented.

This process has given us a “best practice” way of doing things, which allows us to weed out mistakes (we’re human after all!) and continue to improve as we go along. In turn, this helps us to ensure that your needs and expectations are met — and with the commitment to ongoing improvement that the Standard encourages — will continue to do so in the future.

We hope you agree that this official Standard compliments our own Customer Promise initiative, which you will have your chance to assess once more in the coming weeks as part of our annual customer survey.

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The results — 1st Easy Customer Satisfaction Survey 2014!

Now in its fourth year, our Customer Satisfaction Survey sees you grade us against the pledges that we set out in our Customer Promise and tell us about the good, the bad and the (dare we say it, ugly!) of your 1st Easy experience…

The results are also important in helping us to demonstrate our efforts at continual improvement, which are requirements of our externally audited ISO9001 accreditation.

We’re delighted and encouraged — and full of thanks to our customers for the positive feedback that we see in the results this time around. We’re at the stage now where using the input from previous years, we can see positive themes and trends emerging and becoming established.

As ever, although we’re pleased with the results, we know that what you’ve said is simply a marker — the hard work will carry on!


Over the years, one area that you’ve told us could be improved is the ease with which you can leave feedback for us. Although the results show we’ve made some progress, we won’t be happy until you’re fully satisfied that you have every opportunity to let us know what’s gone right or wrong — that’s part of the reason we have an annual survey in the first place. As a 1st Easy customer, what would you like to see us put in place to make things easier in this respect? All suggestions warmly welcomed!

We’ve received some really useful constructive individual comments too which we’ll be discussing in our upcoming team meetings — we’ll be in touch personally with our thoughts on what you have kindly offered.

Thanks again to everyone that took part — fantastic feedback that has been a pleasure to share with the team.

Do we make the grade? Tell us what it’s like to be a 1st Easy customer in our annual survey

It’s something we can take a stab at, have a gut feeling about — even take an educated guess at… but only you can tell us what it’s like to be a 1st Easy customer.

Each year, we fire up our trusty old Survey Monkey account (other online survey applications are available of course) and ask you to share your experience with us. Where do you think we’re doing well? Where are we falling short? Do we answer the phone quickly enough? And when you get through to speak with one of our team, do they give you the help you need? After all, it’s no good if we pick up within 30 seconds and you don’t get somebody competent on the other end of the phone!

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