Adopting cloud computing services — where are you up to?

Data included as part of a recent infographic over at CloudTweaks indicates that 50% of organisations are now well on their way to incorporating cloud computing services as part of their IT strategy.

The figures report that 19% of businesses are now using cloud in some form (although this does seem a little low depending on how loosely the term “cloud” is applied!) while 31% are not yet engaged with the idea at all.

What are the factors between these divisions? Thankfully, the infographic gives us some pointers, weighing up the pull and repel elements that are driving and blocking cloud adoption.

Top of the pro-cloud list? Disaster recovery

Of the businesses surveyed, disaster recovery comes out on top as the most cited reason for adopting cloud. Whether this is DR as an “application” of the technology — or the greater resilience/tolerance of failure within a cloud environment is unclear.

There are no surprises among the other key reasons for adopting cloud — always-on access, cost savings, reduced infrastructure, and scalability are all represented.

One omission that is conspicuously absent, however, is the flexibility that adopting cloud services brings to an IT department (and — vitally — how this flows through to business activity in general). Perhaps this is covered by the broader term used in the data: “scalability”.

But, questions about security remain

Equally, it’s no huge surprise that misgivings around security are reported as the stand out obstacle to cloud adoption. While it’s a valid question to raise — data security is understandably a sensitive subject — it is a concern that this apprehension remains, despite the fact that hands-on experience tends to dispel this and other worries.

While the benefits perhaps speak for themselves, we’re still seeing the same perceived barriers to cloud adoption, and it’s clearly an area where confidence and trust needs to be earned by service providers just like us. If you’d like to talk things through, we’d be happy to do that.

Brazen bluster, or…

As a cloud provider with obvious interests in these figures and perceptions, it’s great to be able to see the factors that come into play when somebody chooses a vendor. As you might expect, reliability, technical support, price and reputation came out on top… We like to think (listen, and you might just be able to hear the sound of our shameless trumpet-blowing) we’re doing well when it comes to those “must-have” qualities…

You can of course test the strength of our somewhat bold claims — let us set up a cloud data centre for you to try for a couple of weeks. Our cloud specialist Dean (VMware Certified Professional and Associate – Data Centre Virtualisation – and VMware Certified Cloud Associate, no less!) will take you through everything you need to know about your data centre, from setting up a server template and spinning up an on-demand virtual machine, to cloning it for even quicker deployment in the future.

And so, what about you? Is cloud something you’re actively looking at, or is it firmly parked out of sight, out of mind? If you’ve already started making the move to cloud, are you seeing the benefits that you expected, and how have the concerns about adoption played out in your business?

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