Are myths about the cloud holding you back from adoption?

In the fast-moving world of technology, cloud has been around for a long time — especially if we think about it in “Internet Years“. However, because it means different things to different people, the term itself is still open to interpretation, and certainly still suffers from the stigma associated with so much marketing hype.

And then of course, there are the myths that have lead to concerns over data security and resilience. The result is that many organisations are still hesitant to adopt cloud, despite the fact that the enterprise cloud has now reached a point where it is considered a legitimate and progressive IT and business model.

In his article posted on Cloud Tweeks, Gordan Tan of R & G Technologies proposes “Five Reasons SMBs Fear The Cloud“, highlighting some of the key concerns that are holding businesses back from incorporating cloud computing into their IT strategy.

It’s very interesting to note how preconceived attitudes of barriers to adoption change so dramatically prior to and after cloud implementation. Tan cites the results of a survey conducted by Comscore which perfectly illustrates the impact that misconceptions continue to have on the uptake of cloud. For example, before adoption, 60% perceived cloud as insecure, 45% were concerned about loss of control with regard to data privacy, while 42% of respondents had misgivings about the reliability of cloud.

Compare this with how the same respondents viewed cloud after using the technology: 94% reported security improvements when compared to on-premise computing, 62% suggested that levels of data protection actually increased in the cloud, while 75% saw an increase in service reliability.

What about you? Are there any significant concerns that you have about moving the right parts of your business to cloud? Or maybe you’ve already started to migrate some of your infrastructure to a virtual data centre — have you had the same shift in attitude that has been suggested by the Comscore survey? Get in touch and let us know.


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