Case study: Manchester colocation

Trackyou: vehicle and asset tracking

A resilient service with high levels of uptime and support were of key importance to Trackyou, who required a colocation partner to host their mission critical server resource.
1st Easy service summary:
  • High SLA Manchester colocation hosting
  • UK based telephone and ticket support
  • Commercially resilient networks


Company background:
  • Launched in 2001 after four years of innovative development and infrastructure procurement, the Trackyou asset management and fleet tracking suite provides accurate and continuous vehicle tracking for companies throughout the UK and Europe
  • The positive impact of Trackyou’s solutions has been reflected by an impressive takeup of business, which has seen them providing solutions for some high profile clients, including local authorities, Government bodies and large commercial organisations
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    Trackyou’s solutions are designed to help companies to address the issue of the millions of pounds which are lost each year due to ineffective fleet management and vehicle misuse, including:

    • Real-time monitoring and reporting of vehicle activity and location via GPS satellite technology
    • Logistical analysis to calculate the most efficient use and routing of vehicles in the field

    The underlying reliance on the availability of online resources means that Trackyou’s server cluster is central to both the processing of incoming location and event data, and the delivery of resultant information out to users. A reliable web-based infrastructure is therefore absolutely critical to the successful deployment and operation of Trackyou’s suite of products and services.

    Trackyou approached 1st Easy with a requirement for high levels of uptime and performance, so that they could confidently deliver a solution to their clients which would meet their own very high standards.

    Commercial-class Manchester colocation

    1st Easy were able to match these requirements by contracting colocation space within their commercial-level datacentre. The highly resilient power, temperature and network that are guaranteed at the facility are amongst the key features which ensure maximum reliability for users of Trackyou’s services:

    • Power: 100% SLA. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) backed by diesel generators to ensure constant power availability
    • Network: 99.95% SLA. Dual fibre networks to ensure robust network provision
    • Temperature: 99.97% SLA. Optimal environmental conditions to maximise server performance
    • Security: 24 hour on-site security personnel, stringent access management, unique-key cabinets and CCTV monitoring
    • Smoke and fire protection: Advanced VESDA™ gas deployment fire system
    • Round the clock support: 24/7/365 engineer support and unlimited access to equipment

    As a result of these infrastructure measures, Trackyou can be confident that their customers will experience a consistently high level of service. Furthermore, with less time spent monitoring systems and managing uptime, an additional benefit of this reliability for Trackyou has been the freedom to devote considerably more time to refining their solutions and setting out plans for future innovation, as Dan Jones comments:

    “The fact that the 1st Easy datacentre facility provides us with a reliable and stable environment to host our systems makes it easier for us to concentrate on our development as a system and as a business. In fact, the facility’s reliability has shown us how datacentres should be.”

    Dan Jones
    IT Manager, Trackyou

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