How are we faring with our Customer Promise? The 2015 results are in…

There’s work to do (isn’t there always!) but we’re really encouraged by the results of our fifth annual customer satisfaction survey, which we’ve now published on our website. Thank you very much to everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to tell us about their experience as a 1st Easy customer.

We won’t be completely happy until we get top marks right across the board (naturally!) but the feedback that our customers have kindly taken the time to provide shows that we’re doing really well in terms of meeting the pledges that we set out in our Customer Promise — even if we do say so ourselves!

Our Customer Promise contains nine pledges - find out if we’re keeping our word!

Not only is this great to see, but it’s also vitally important in meeting the targets that are set for us in our ISO 9001 certification — an independent and externally audited Quality Management Standard.

Now, it’s worth saying that your feedback doesn’t need to be limited to our annual survey — we appreciate your thoughts whether they’re based on positive or negative experiences, because that’s the only way that we’ll continue to improve the service that we offer, and understand the way we’re viewed by our paying customers. So, if you’re burning to let us know about a good experience or a time when you’ve been disappointed by our performance, please do get in touch and let us know.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be working through all the comments we’ve been given, looking at ways of maintaining our good points, and improving our service where valuable suggestions have been offered. As we always say, the hard work will continue — we know we’re only as good as our last support ticket or cloud server deployment!

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The results — 1st Easy Customer Satisfaction Survey 2014!

Now in its fourth year, our Customer Satisfaction Survey sees you grade us against the pledges that we set out in our Customer Promise and tell us about the good, the bad and the (dare we say it, ugly!) of your 1st Easy experience…

The results are also important in helping us to demonstrate our efforts at continual improvement, which are requirements of our externally audited ISO9001 accreditation.

We’re delighted and encouraged — and full of thanks to our customers for the positive feedback that we see in the results this time around. We’re at the stage now where using the input from previous years, we can see positive themes and trends emerging and becoming established.

As ever, although we’re pleased with the results, we know that what you’ve said is simply a marker — the hard work will carry on!


Over the years, one area that you’ve told us could be improved is the ease with which you can leave feedback for us. Although the results show we’ve made some progress, we won’t be happy until you’re fully satisfied that you have every opportunity to let us know what’s gone right or wrong — that’s part of the reason we have an annual survey in the first place. As a 1st Easy customer, what would you like to see us put in place to make things easier in this respect? All suggestions warmly welcomed!

We’ve received some really useful constructive individual comments too which we’ll be discussing in our upcoming team meetings — we’ll be in touch personally with our thoughts on what you have kindly offered.

Thanks again to everyone that took part — fantastic feedback that has been a pleasure to share with the team.

100% customer recommendation rate – thank you!

Thank you once again to everybody that kindly took the time to give us their feedback in our annual customer survey last month. The results are in, and as usual, we’ve now shared them on our website so you can see how we’re fairing in meeting the pledges laid out in our Customer Promise.

We’re really happy with the overall level of satisfaction that has been reported back to us, and it’s very encouraging to see the positive trends that are now emerging after three years of data collection. We’re especially pleased that we have maintained our 100% customer recommendation score, which is very satisfying!

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It’s that time of year again… the 1st Easy Customer Satisfaction survey

The first few signs of autumn are upon us: the early morning dew, just a hint of a chill in the air, and of course, firing up the central heating at 1st Easy HQ… It also means it’s time for us to ask for your input with our short and snappy, ten-question annual customer satisfaction survey!

Now in its third year, this survey has been a very important way of gaining your thoughts and feedback, and is also a vital part of our ISO9001 certification. Each year we share the results on our website so you can see what your overall verdict was, and check how it compared with the previous year.

So if you have a spare five minutes, we’d really appreciate your help in giving us the views that count the most — yours!

As always, everybody that takes part will be entered into a draw to win a £100 donation to the charity of their choice.

Thanks for your help as usual — here’s the link to our survey.