Working Together — 1st Class Cloud Hosting backed by an Enterprise Class Data Centre Provider

It’s finally here. We’re thrilled to announce that TeleData UK Ltd has acquired 1st Easy Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that TeleData have completed the purchase of 1st Easy Ltd, which includes our cloud, hosting, dedicated server and colocation operations, infrastructure and staff that are devoted to operations, sales, finance, marketing and support.

We are very excited about the proposal of bringing the best hosting service efforts of TeleData and 1st Easy together. Our companies have been working together for many years, so this is a natural progression in our relationship.

This is a smart acquisition for TeleData, and a positive result for both companies and our customers. We will be sharing an incredible pool of talent, technology, infrastructure and market experience to better serve our customers and expand opportunities with you.

About TeleData UK Ltd

TeleData UK Ltd are one of the most reputable data centre providers in the UK, operating a Tier 3+, ISO27001:2013 certified data centre, offering the highest levels of technical resilience and physical security available. Services provided by the company at their 70,000sq ft Manchester facility include colocation hosting, high capacity connectivity and work area recovery solutions.

Uniquely, the data centre is the only one in Europe to benefit from an onsite BS5979 Alarm Receiving Centre, operated by Advanced Signal Monitoring Ltd (ASM), a TeleData Group company which provides nationwide remote security monitoring services.

Moving forward

Given the long relationship between our companies, we expect a smooth transition and for our current quality of service and support to continue as normal.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past and continued support and to inform you that I will be continuing to work with the team in an advisory capacity within the Group.

Please continue to contact support and finance as normal, and for sales, please contact

Best regards,

Stephen Bell, 1st Easy Ltd

Archive posts

Network Issues

On Wednesday 11th March at 18:30 and Friday 13th March at 08:30 there was excessive latency across some of our core switches that affected our dedicated server and colocation infrastructure. Unfortunately the high latency caused the switches to become inaccessible in both instances, which impeded our trouble shooting capabilities. We believe the latency was caused by a route update failure on one of the switches that feeds our colocation network. We have isolated the defective switch and will be performing diagnostics before it is brought back in to service.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused. Going forward we hope this incident improves our network and overall network resilience.

Do we make the grade? Tell us what it’s like to be a 1st Easy customer in our annual survey

It’s something we can take a stab at, have a gut feeling about — even take an educated guess at… but only you can tell us what it’s like to be a 1st Easy customer.

Each year, we fire up our trusty old Survey Monkey account (other online survey applications are available of course) and ask you to share your experience with us. Where do you think we’re doing well? Where are we falling short? Do we answer the phone quickly enough? And when you get through to speak with one of our team, do they give you the help you need? After all, it’s no good if we pick up within 30 seconds and you don’t get somebody competent on the other end of the phone!

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It’s that time of year again… the 1st Easy Customer Satisfaction survey

The first few signs of autumn are upon us: the early morning dew, just a hint of a chill in the air, and of course, firing up the central heating at 1st Easy HQ… It also means it’s time for us to ask for your input with our short and snappy, ten-question annual customer satisfaction survey!

Now in its third year, this survey has been a very important way of gaining your thoughts and feedback, and is also a vital part of our ISO9001 certification. Each year we share the results on our website so you can see what your overall verdict was, and check how it compared with the previous year.

So if you have a spare five minutes, we’d really appreciate your help in giving us the views that count the most — yours!

As always, everybody that takes part will be entered into a draw to win a £100 donation to the charity of their choice.

Thanks for your help as usual — here’s the link to our survey.

Cloud to the rescue? Announcing our new cloud Disaster Recovery service

For many businesses, putting a contingency plan in place for their IT is an expensive job. It might well involve investing in and maintaining a second physical infrastructure. All that costly hardware sitting there waiting for a piece of the action — a fateful day that may never come.

But of course, you absolutely need it there, just in case. It might even be part of your best practice certification obligations.

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