Real life experience: our cloud computing customer case studies

No matter how much we write about cloud, extol its virtues and eulogise about its benefits, we’re sure our words will always be greeted with at least a degree of scepticism — cloud is after all, a service that we sell, so how could we be objective about it?

What says it best then, is real life evidence — life with cloud in a living business, and the changes that it brings.

After that long-winded build up then, what follows here is a round up of our cloud case studies. A look at the problems (or “challenges” as we’re supposed to say these days) that our customers faced, along with the why, how, and importantly, the results of cloud computing — what tangible changes became apparent once cloud became a part of the way these companies operated?



The team at Abstract wanted freedom from the limitations and responsibilities of managing their own physical infrastructure — Director Daniel Meggitt recounts the migration from a colocated physical infrastructure, to a cloud data centre. Read the case study



Phil Webster, Director at Triangle, wanted to take advantage of the technical and operational agility that cloud promised to bring to their business, allowing them to extend this flexibility to better fit the nature of their bespoke customer projects. Read the case study

Knowledge Powered Solutions


Managing Director Roger Haddon and his team sought a responsive provider with whom to develop a flexible and dependable cloud platform — while avoiding the capital expenditure traditionally associated with an IT infrastructure project of this scale. Read the case study

1st Easy!

If the biggest endorsement of a product or service is to use it yourself, then here’s a pretty large one. Cloud underpins our business, and that’s not simply because we’re a cloud provider — our own operation runs on a cloud environment, and it has brought numerous benefits… Read our case study

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