Cloud² – business agility

When it comes to enterprise cloud computing, you can rely on Manchester, UK based 1st Easy and partner, VMware™, to deliver outstanding service, reliability, improved I.T efficiency and ultimately, enhanced business agility.

With a pedigree of delivering I.T. infrastructure reliability across multiple data centres, 1st Easy is ideally positioned with Cloud², to deliver high performance and commercially resilient infrastructure or ‘I.T’. as a Service (I.a.a.S) to its demand driven clients.

The diagram to the left summarises the extent of our Cloud² architecture.

We offer three different consumption models of Cloud², Reservation, P.A.Y.G. and D.R, each of which are described below. Click on each tab to learn more about each model.

Cloud² data centre (cDC) models:

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    Cloud² Reservation

    Our most popular cloud consumption model, Cloud² Reservation provides a flexible resource of memory, SAN storage, multiple network layers, vShield Edge firewall and backup solutions, that allow customers to manage their virtual machines, network security and storage space, easily through the vCloud Director web based platform.

    Case Study:

    A customer required a high availability, cost effective and scalable solution comprising of six virtual machines, four to be used as web applications servers with 8GB memory and two as off-net load balanced SQL database servers with 12GB memory. They also needed high speed SAN for database performance and availability of 99.9999%.


    Cost efficiencies are gained through VMware’s dynamic memory allocation technology. The total reservation of memory does not need to be the sum of all required virtual machines (56GB). 1st Easy recommends the customer starts with 45GB of reserved memory in Cloud² Reservation, hence immediately reducing costs to the customer.

    Security of the databases are important to the customer and through the intuitive web interface, the customer creates three layers of networks:

    1. Public network:  that connects to the outside world through a pool of IP addresses, which uses the NAT capabilities of vShield Edge, to connect to a second, local network.
    2. Application vAPP Network: a second local network on which the web application VM’s sit.
    3. Database vAPP Network: a third local network to connect the Application vApp to the database servers.


    Data performance and availability was achieved by utilising 1st Easy’s cloud SAN technology, that has 40Gbps connectivity via four fibre channels per SAN, connected to two redundant high end HP switch chassis. All host VMware hypervisors also connect to this switch backplane via two 10GE connections.

    Cloud² P.A.Y.G.

    The Cloud² P.A.Y.G. consumption model fits the bill in certain scenarios where systems don’t need to be permanently on, or requirements change significantly from month to month. Resource consumption is typically powered off for the majority of time and when on, such consumption is detected and held in reporting databases.

    Case Study:

    A web development company gets its business through referrals and rarely know where the next project will come from. In order to match this unpredictable business demand in their I.T. requirements, they needed a platform that could be used for development when demands needs it, yet didn’t have to pay for it on a permanent basis.


    Cloud² P.A.Y.G. compute resource from 1st Easy was the answer to their unpredictable business. When a project comes in, they need development I.T. resources to see the project efficiently through its phases. We the projects dry up, they didn’t want to have to pay for any resources. This on-demand resource is their holy grail in terms of keeping their I.T. costs efficient and in line with their customer successes.

    Cloud² D.R.

    Disaster Recovery has always been an emotive subject in I.T. Should you have a D.R. strategy at all? What budget should be allocated to such a situation that may never, in reality, happen? At best, it is reluctantly paid for, just like insurance policies, however, when disaster does strike, it is the most life saving of strategies for a business.

    So what’s the issue with typical D.R. solutions? In a nutshell, companies need to go out and literally double their existing environments within D.R. equipment, in order to ensure they can actually run in such a catastrophic event.

    Well, not any more …. with Cloud² D.R., you only need to pay for a fraction of the cost of the equivalent production environment and don’t have to go out and spend massive amounts on capital purchase and data centre housing of such equipment.

    Case Study:

    A vehicle tracking company brings data in from vehicle assets over the Internet, develops applications to process and present this data, then sells this as a service to its customers. The commercial use of the Internet means they cannot afford to be down for long periods of time and needed a cost effective D.R. strategy to protect their service delivery.


    Working with 1st Easy, they adopted Cloud² D.R., that gives them access to a full capacity of resource, at a fraction of the normal cost of this resource. By adhering to an average of only 1 week of usage per month (which is perfectly acceptable), they have exploited Cloud² D.R. to their business advantage and can rest assured that should disaster strike, they have capacities on demand available to them, loaded with their software, ready to power on at the press of a browser button.

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Wired infrastructure

Wire speed Juniper M7i routers, Cisco ASA border firewalls, Fortinet anti-DDoS protection appliances, fully resilient cloud infrastructure networks and 99.999% uptime SAN. The infrastructure that actually delivers.


99.9% cloud uptime

Through use of leading VMware™ cloud technology, combined with fully resilient infrastructure design, we are confidently able to provide 99.9% uptime SLAs.


Professional support

Our support engineers are not only degree qualified to provide the quality of service you demand, they are also VMware certified professionals (VSP’s).