Businesses say that cloud delivers competitive advantage, but…

Recent industry research has shown that cloud is delivering on what must surely be one of its key goals: competitive advantage. The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) reports that 55% of cloud-adopting organisations have experienced an improvement in competitive advantage, while 23% expect to see such a benefit.

The impact on competitive advantage is even more pronounced for SMEs, with 69% seeing a boost in this key metric following their move to cloud. Two other “top of the list” motivations for moving to cloud are also shown to be coming true: 66% have made good on their objective of getting the IT they need more quickly, and 65% have realised improved uptime and reliability goals since taking to the cloud.

And yet…

While another survey conducted by IDC backs up the CIF’s findings (41% of their respondents use cloud to gain competitive advantage) the majority of businesses they polled still see cloud as an “IT infrastructure issue”.

Somewhere along the line, it seems that the message isn’t getting through that cloud should perhaps be seen as a bigger picture.

Cloud is a business strategy

Certainly, there are technical considerations — but the decision on whether to move to cloud shouldn’t be solely based on those. It’s a decision that needs to be shared with those people right at the top of an organisation because — as many of the businesses responding to the surveys have seen — cloud helps to free a business from the restraints of the technology that drives it. Cloud as a business strategy can help to make IT as transparent and non-obstructive as possible, offering the freedom for a business and its people to do what they need, when they need, for a successful future.

Are you ready to think about cloud?

We’ve got plenty of ways of helping you to make an informed decision about whether cloud is right for you. You can have an hour (or two, or three!) of my time to talk things through. Or you can have your own cloud data centre for a couple of weeks to see for yourself how simple it is to create IT resource when you need it (and power it down when you don’t!). And Dean is always here, ready and waiting to give you a tutorial on how to get the most out your cloud data centre trial. Get in touch today!

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