Cloud blueprint

Digital and web design

You and your team have spent weeks designing and coding a beautiful, standards compliant website for your client. You’ve successfully repelled requests for chrome effect bevels and spinning Comic Sans text, and you’ve crafted perfectly kerned sIFR typography instead.
Keeping a site up and running isn’t something that you should need to worry about; now all you want is reliable “fire and forget” hosting so that you can concentrate on your next project. Not only does this make things easier for you, a high quality hosting service reflects well on your agency because your clients see it as an extension of the website that you’ve just uploaded for them — it’s up or it’s down, it’s fast or it’s slow — in their eyes, the buck stops with you.

Download our Blueprint for Digital and Web Design Agencies

We’ll take you through your business process and show you how our hosting services are designed to address the everyday concerns that agencies like yours face, including:

  • No more of those “Friday 5pm” calls from your customers because their site is slow or their email is down: brilliant experiences for your customers
  • Leave the hosting to us, and focus on PS layers, AJAX trickery and lovely semantically correct code: Less fixing, more doing
  • Add value to your clients so they stick around and spread the word that you really know your stuff: become more than their web designer, become indispensable
  • Site down? Config tweak? Technical support is just a (queue free) phone call or email away

Download instructions

Please click on the link below to start your download.

The document is produced in PDF format, so you will need a program that can open PDF documents, such as Adobe Reader (it’s unlikely that you don’t… but just in case you can download free of charge here).