Cloud: how much will it cost?

We can shout about the benefits of cloud computing until the cows come home, but the obvious question (it has to be asked!) is how much will it cost? Well, now you can get a good feel for what your spend will be should you make the move to a virtual data centre, with our Cloud Calculator.

Cloud Calculator

It’s all pretty straightforward: use the sliders to configure your “Software Defined Data Centre” (SDDC) with RAM, storage and even remote backups, and the estimated monthly fee will automatically update for you.

We’ve included options for both of our deployment models too — that’s Reservation (where you pay a set amount every month for guaranteed resources) and Pay-As-You-Go (where you pay by the hour for resources on demand for as long as you need them).

And since the announcement of our new breakthrough pricing, we think you’ll be quite surprised at just how cost effective your move to cloud could be — and that’s before we start thinking about all those benefits we’re waiting to tell you about…

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