Cloud — we’re past the hype and well on the road to the Plateau of Productivity…

Well, that’s the case according to the grandly titled “2014 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies”. It has taken quite some time for the buzzword status of “cloud” to begin to fade away, but the signs are there that the concept of utility computing is on its way to reaching mainstream adoption. Wild expectations and fuzzy definitions are melting away to reveal the hardcore facts of what cloud can and can’t do.

Where then, on the so-called Hype Cycle is cloud? Let’s take a look:

014 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

As you can see (slightly larger version if you want it here) “Hybrid Cloud” has been plotted on the way down from the “Peak of Inflated Expectations”, on its approach to the somewhat gloomy-sounding “Trough of Disillusionment”, where “Cloud” itself currently resides: the realignment of expectations along with the beginning of a true understanding of how cloud works, and crucially, the appreciation of the benefits it offers to business.

The Slope of Enlightenment, leading to the Plateau of Productivity

Gartner predict that cloud is somewhere between two to five years away from reaching the Zen-like “Plateau of Productivity”, so true maturity is still a few years off. As we highlighted last week though, the big players are seeing cloud adoption on the increase, with enterprises in particular signalling their trust in cloud as a way of accessing computing resources and deploying important applications.

Of course, when you’ve been working with cloud for quite a few years — just like us ;) — it can be frustrating waiting for the market to catch up…

All aboard the fast track to enlightenment!

…but you can skip this whole nonsense of hype — cut out the inflated expectations and get straight to the business end of how cloud might help your business. Evaluate your own cloud data centre and decide for yourself: we’ll give you full access to a VMware cloud and guide you through how to use it with full technical support and a one-to-one tutorial with our decorated (and friendly!) VMware expert Dean.

He’s ready and waiting to impart his wisdom :)

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