The Business Case for Cloud

A back to basics guide on why businesses are heading to cloud

Lots of the information we’ve seen about cloud concentrates on the technology behind it — great if you really need an in-depth appreciation of virtual machines or the mechanics of DRS (that’ll be “Distributed Resource Scheduling”) but not so useful if you’re trying to make business decisions about your IT strategy.

In this guide we take a step back from the technology to look at the bigger picture, and examine how cloud helps the modern business.



Hype and hoopla. Claim and counter claim. Cloud has arrived in the mainstream, and almost everyone seems to agree that it’s a good thing. But setting aside the excitement and drum beating for a moment, what does cloud actually mean for your business? What are the benefits that your organisation would realise by moving to cloud?

To answer these questions it is useful to consider the story of cloud, the adoption of which has been driven and is gathering pace by the need to meet a challenge. This challenge is about a shift in business behaviour, a related change in the demands placed on IT, and ultimately, making sure that organisations can meet new and changing demands from the most important part of this story: end-users and customers themselves.

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