Cloud Data Centres and VMware vCloud Director tips #3

Busy getting up to speed with vCloud Director? Need a few pointers to help you on the way? Here’s another selection of tips for you, which should hopefully come in handy once you’re up and running with your Cloud Utilities Virtual Data Centre (VDC).

7. You can import and export vApps from your Virtual Data Centre (VDC) using the Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file format.

In Cloud Utilities, the “Add App From OVF” wizard now supports selecting an OVA file as a source when importing vApps. In addition, the “vApp Download…” wizard supports choosing OVA as a target format when exporting vApps.

8. Cloud Utilities adds support to more browsers, including Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Google Chrome is now a supported Web browser on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS. In addition, virtual machine consoles can now be accessed from a Mac OS. Console access on the Mac OS is based on HTML5 and is supported on both the Firefox and Chrome Web browsers.

This makes it easier for users running Mac desktops and laptops to manage their vCloud environment because they no longer need to maintain a Windows or Linux virtual machine to access their virtual machine consoles.

Don’t forget that if you’d like a guided tour through your VDC (if you don’t have one, you can sign up for an evaluation here) you can book a session with me and I’ll take you through the basics (and some of the finer points if you have specific questions).

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