Cloud multimedia

From simple overviews to in-depth discussions with VMware engineers

We’ve tagged these videos as “Introduction”, “Intermediate” or “In-depth” according to the level of detail they go into, so whether you’re new to cloud and looking for an overview, or you’re at the stage where you’d like to get a better appreciation of the mechanics of vCloud Director, we hope you’ll easily find what you need here.



A broad introduction to cloud strategy from our technology partners VMware. As a VMWare vCloud Director Service Provider, we are able to help you on your very own journey to “Your Cloud”.


Simplified, centralised management of your IT resources is one of the key benefits of cloud computing; VMware vCloud Director is the powerful browser-based application at the heart of your virtual infrastructure.


VMware engineer Tichomir Tenev talks about VMware vCloud Director Resource Management as part of a detailed discussion of the virtual data centre.

Security in the cloud is understandably a key question for enterprises. VMware engineer Serge Maskalik outlines the different security features that are integral to the way in which VMware vCloud Director works.

An in-depth look at VMware vCloud Director.