Announcing Cloud² launch — true commercial resilience via the power of two

How resilient is resilient? And, what’s at stake? Two irrevocably linked questions when it comes to the technology that drives your business.

There’s no doubt that at some level, your business depends on some kind of underlying hosting infrastructure. Your business depends on your data. And your business probably depends on the online applications that your people — or customers — use every day.

A question that might be uncomfortable to wonder about then is: does all of this depend on one data centre? One platform? One supplier, even?

This is where the power of two comes in.

Many of us will be aware of the importance of resilience — and where business-dependent resources are involved, “commercial resilience” is often raised as the must-have standard of service.

What might that mean in terms of cloud?

For a cloud service to be considered truly commercially resilient, we believe that fail-over/duplication/independence (call it what you will) must be present at each of its key components: network, data centre (location and operator) and cloud platform. And of course, all of this needs to be backed up with certified levels of security.

That’s why we’ve just launched Cloud² — our second VMware Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) build. In combination with our initial cloud environment, the result is a geographically, data centre, network and supplier-diverse cloud offering:


Every component, truly independent — Cloud², the power of two

In what we believe to be a unique proposition among cloud providers in the technology hub of Manchester, this dual-cloud arrangement allows our customers to take advantage of disaster recovery and real-time data replication capabilities, with true independence at every layer of infrastructure.

What would it mean to you, your business and your customers to have that grounded reassurance? Get in touch and I’ll personally take you through how a Cloud² setup could lead to sounder nights and stress-free days…

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