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In a Tweet:
“Established in 1999, we provide cloud servers and VMware based cloud data centres for a range of industries that rely on the internet for their success.”


1. No added distractions, just 100% cloud focus

Some things are best left to the experts, so we don’t do broadband, we don’t try our hand at web design, and we don’t dabble with Search Engine Optimisation. Cloud technologies and services are our speciality, and they’re what our team and infrastructure do best and are trained to deliver.

2. Our services are more than just login details

A good provider adds value to an organisation. This means that:

  • Our services are designed to take care of the concerns that keep you awake at night and to give your business a competitive advantage
  • We’ll help you to deliver great experiences to your customers, boost the productivity of your staff, and bolster the reliability of your online activities
  • And our solid track record means that we’ll be around to support and help you grow your business for as long as you need us
3. Our focus is on how we deliver to you

High-end cloud hosting isn’t only about multi-core processors, gigabytes of RAM and high capacity networks. Our customers depend so much on their online activities that cloud hosting is as much about the quality of service delivery as it is about technical specification. We developed our Customer Promise to reassure you that we focus as much on how we do things as we do on deploying the latest technologies.

4. Small(er) and perfectly formed

We’re not some all-consuming, anonymous corporate marketing juggernaut. We think our relatively compact size is one of our biggest strengths, because you benefit from our friendly, personal and accountable customer service and Directors. This means that when you call us, a real human will answer your call within 30 seconds (that’s < href="/customer-promise/">Customer Promise No. 1) and you’ll deal with qualified people that are responsible for solving your query (Customer Promise No. 2).

5. Okay, let’s talk cloud!

Get in touch and speak with one of our team by calling 0808 222 2221, or you can request further information online. And if you really want to know the long story, we’ll only be too pleased to share!


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