Customer satisfaction

Are we meeting our promises?

We first published our Customer Promise in 2011 as a way of adding a bit of substance to our claims about the importance we attach to customer service.

Our pledges hold little weight though, if they are not backed up with evidence to show how we perform against them. This is why every year, we ask our customers to rate their experience, and share the results of our survey here.

Based on your experience with 1st Easy, would you be likely to recommend our service to another company?
Dan Smith, Technical support
Q: When you call us or send an email, how do you rate your experience in terms of being able to easily contact the right person or department for help with your question?
Q: When you call us during office hours, it is our aim for you to speak with a real human within 30 seconds of dialling. How do you rate our success in meeting this target?
Q: When you send an email or open a ticket during office hours, we aim to reply within one hour. How to do you rate our success in meeting this target?
Q: When you work with our technical support team, how do you rate their level of understanding and knowledge?
Q: How do you rate the knowledge and advice that our sales team have offered?
Q: We aim to make it easy for our customers to leave feedback, which we can use to improve our services. How do you rate the ease with which you can do this?

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