MXspam: Our professional email filtering.

1st Easy recognise the importance of using specialist companies that focus their efforts soley on filtering solutions, because only they have a strong picture, in real time, of spam and virus waves unfolding across the Internet.

1st Easy have used AppRiver Inc, based in Florida, to protect our own company from over 100,000 spam and virus emails, each and every day. So impressed have we been with their performance, that several years ago, we decided to sell this solution as one of their partners and pass these same benefits on to our own customers.

1 Domain Pack

email filtering


per month

  • Setup fee: £19.99
  • Monthly fee: £14.99
  • Per mail account fee: 49p

20 domain pack

email filtering


per month

  • Setup fee: £59.99
  • Monthly fee: £99.99
  • Per mail account fee: 45p

How does our email filtering service work?

Our service works by filtering your email before it can reach your email account, using spam and virus detection rules that are updated 2,000-4,000 times a day — meaning that your mail is protected from the very latest threats.

  • Quick and simple to set up: there’s nothing for you to install, update or manage on your computer, and we can usually have you protected within just a couple of hours
  • Save time and bandwidth: because your email is filtered before it arrives at your computer, you don’t waste time downloading junk email
  • Online quarantine area: search and manage quarantined email to easily retrieve missing emails using the held-mail management feature
  • Improve your security: because our mail filtering service also protects against virus emails, your systems are secured against the threat of damaging malware

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Secure data centres

Cloud² powers our shared hosting in two of the most secure data centres in the UK. The technology behind Cloud², VMware™,  is designed with security compliance and protection of your data.


99.5% server uptime

Uptime is all about the strength and protection of networks. Anti-DDOS protection, wire speed routers and wire speed border firewalls as standard provide the optimal performance required to deliver on uptime.


Professional support

1st Easy’s degree qualified Support Engineers are renown in their pursuit of full customer satisfaction, reflected in our near 100% recommended feedback, year on year.