Secure Manchester (UK) colocation data centres.

Our UK data centre independence allows 1st Easy to choose the most up to date, secure data centres in Manchester. Our criteria takes into account today’s trends towards higher power density expansion, cloud readiness and commercial and technical network and power redundancy.

Above all else, with the Internet and data becoming more and more sensitive and business critical, we have chosen the highest security data centre in Manchester, Teledata’s Delta House TD2, which fulfils all the above criteria.

Manchester colocation

Teledata Manchester colocation information:

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    Networks – 99.95% SLA

    1st Easy are good at networks and are the real value we can add, when considering colocation cabinets at Teledata in Manchester or the North West. We use dual Juniper routers and commercially diverse network suppliers over BGP, to deliver high network resilience and consistency.

    As standard, we offer up to 25Mbps dedicated bandwidth for each colocation customer we have at Teledata, a massive added value from a cost perspective.

    Security – BS5979 security centre on-site

    Teledata has the highest security levels for colocation in the Manchester and North West region.

    Beyond the full perimeter fencing, biometric scanner and anti-pass-back man traps, Teledata have also invested over £1 million to build an on-site BS5979 accredited Operations Control Centre (OCC), a high security facility that’s manned 24 hours a day, delivering industry-leading level of security. No other data centre in the UK offers this level of physical and technical protection.

    The Security Operations Control Centre is effectively a bomb proof bunker within the building – always protecting our data centre and your hosted equipment around the clock.

    Their BS5979 Cat II status gives them URNs (Unique Reference Numbers) with local police forces for instant, unbeatable response.

    Power – 100% SLA

    Teledata has diversely routed direct 11,000 HV Feed from the National Grid, along with its own high voltage substation with CCTV monitoring. Backup power is provided via a Caterpillar diesel generator which links via independent UPS changeover switch gear to each UPS pair.

    A double skin 10,000 litre diesel tank supplies the generator and this in turn is backed up by an 8 hour refuel contract, for sustained outage management.

    UPS (2*(N+N))

    The ultimate in UPS resilience is provided at Teledata, with multi redundant 2(N+N) in parallel pairs Riello UPS systems feeding the data centre floor and cabinets with A & B feeds as standard.

    Each pair of UPS’ have diverse power feeds and independent external wrap around bypass configurations.

    There are also permanent connection points for temporary UPS and generators to be brought to site in the event of significant failures and the whole UPS pairing platform is remotely monitored by the manufacturers Riello, for additional comfort and advanced fault analysis and predicted failure.

    Air conditioning – 99.97% SLA

    The SLA on cooling is achieved through the use of N+1 Stulz and Airdale close control air handling units. Each unit has dual units fed from separate distribution boards, with each board in turn fed from separate supplies.

    Cabinet options

    We can provide Data Rack full cabinets with power options ranging from 10A to 32A, all dual A & B fed power and combination locks as standard.

    Monitoring & Maintenance

    Teledata have a 24/7/365 environmental monitoring system, carry an on-site inventory of critical spare parts for all critical plant, have 4 hour call out service contracts on all critical plant and carry out procedures to security vet and approve subcontractors.

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