Cloud blueprint

Online retailers

All that hard SEO work is bringing in the visitors. Your enticing, tempting special offers are in place. You’ve agonised over the psychology of different coloured checkout buttons (red stands out… but then green is for go. And yet Amazon use yellow — they seem to know what they’re doing, right?). You’ve even applied the “three click rule” across your site, so what possible excuse can your visitors have for not going ahead and placing their orders?


The internet is a great leveller — ecommerce offers a fantastic opportunity to reach more customers and compete toe to toe with the biggest brands. Your competitors know this too, which means that you need to do everything you can to make that first impression count by giving your visitors the best website experience possible, and convert them into happy, paying customers.

We’ll let you in on a secret…

It’s not really a level playing field. Download your blueprint, and we’ll show you how our hosting services are designed to make you stand out from the crowd by addressing the key challenges that every online retailer faces, including:

  • Brilliant experiences for your customers: a fast, snappy, reliable site to make browsing and buying a pleasure for your visitors
  • All-important security: credibility, trust and reassurance for everyone
  • Hosting that just works: spend your time delighting your customers, not worrying about keeping your store up and running
  • We’ve got your back: technical support is just a phone call or email away


Download instructions

Please click on the link below to start your download.

The document is produced in PDF format, so you will need a program that can open PDF documents, such as Adobe Reader (it’s unlikely that you don’t… but just in case you can download free of charge here).