Industry overview

Imagine that you owned a private helicopter

When the time came, would you just ask your local mechanic to give it a quick once over? We’d guess not — they might be able to have a good go at the basics, but it’s unlikely that they’d have the skills and expertise to do a job that you’d trust.

Unless you’re particularly fond of dicing with death, you’d probably hire a specialist. Generally speaking, we think that people value their livelihoods almost as much. So why would your entrust your business hosting to anybody other than a specialist?


We’re your industry specialists

When we look at our customers, we see a common factor: whilst not quite life or death, the delivery of online services is genuinely mission-critical to their success. We find ourselves working most regularly with customers that rely heavily on the Internet; those service industries that share the same fundamental requirement for high performance hosting.

We’ve thought about what keeps you awake at night…

…and to share our insight with you, we’ve created comprehensive blueprints for each of our specialist industries. Download your industry blueprint and get our take on what we think it takes to meet the challenges that you face on a daily basis:

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