A slice of cloud for everyone: VMware™ cloud servers

Hot on the heels of the launch of Cloud Utilities (our cloud computing platform) it’s time to announce the next evolution in our range of services: Linux and Windows VMware virtual cloud servers. This new service replaces our previous range of virtual dedicated servers, and as “true” cloud servers, they offer many of the benefits typically associated with larger-scale cloud computing.

Improved reliability:
  • The important thing to know here is that a cloud server doesn’t run from a single piece of hardware.
  • Instead, it’s part of a much larger infrastructure (the very same commercial-class infrastructure we designed for Cloud Utilities) and draws the RAM, processing power and storage it needs from a large pool of resources.
  • This means that if a piece of hardware should go down, it is much easier to recover quickly – your cloud server simply pulls in what it needs from elsewhere in the resource pool, while you (and your visitors and customers) carry on without being disrupted by downtime.

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