Perceived threat (and the reassuring reality) of cloud security

As seems to be fairly common knowledge (and as we’ve reported in the past) one of the major barriers to cloud adoption is the perception that it is less secure than typical IT platforms — even though in reality, the opposite has been suggested to be true.

This disparity between expectation and the reality of cloud security, is again exposed in recent research carried out by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

Of 250 IT professionals that were questioned, 61 per cent reported that security is the primary area for concern. This contrasts with a figure of 2 per cent of organisations that actually believed they’d experienced a security issue in the cloud.

Despite the working reality of the situation then, fears about cloud security remain firmly in place among those who have yet to move beyond physical IT infrastructure. What’s the cause of this uncertainty? High profile, hyped up reporting of incidents such as those experienced by users of iCloud (for example) no doubt contribute to a background of mistrust, even though there’s a big difference between the (sometimes, no doubt) lax security protocols of home users and the more rigorous policy-driven protocols of users within commercial, enterprise environments.

Tempering these fears and equating perception with reality is certainly a challenge for cloud service providers like ourselves. Until widespread opinion shifts significantly, we’ll carry on spreading the message!

And on that note, if you’d like to try cloud for yourself (and extinguish any lingering doubts!) we’ve got a cloud data centre waiting for you — a fully featured, fully supported two-week cloud evaluation (including a personal tutorial from our VMware specialist Dean).

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