VMware cloud answers

The straight talking “what, why and why now”

To us, cloud isn’t a single thing, product or service. We see cloud as a business strategy. So exactly what cloud means to your business is unique to your circumstances, requirements, and goals.


What is Cloud?

Cloud means different things to different people. For some (users of particular fruit-branded devices, perhaps) cloud is an online storage medium for their music, photographs and documents. For a web developer, cloud might mean a slice of RAM and processing power, along with some space where their application data is stored and served from. And while cloud as a mass consumer service has an important part to play, the real excitement for us lies in its application to business IT…

Why Cloud?

Because within this context, cloud transforms IT from a resource-intensive constraint that holds back an organisation, to an enabling technology that gives an organisation business agility: it allows businesses to react quickly to new market opportunities, demands and directions.

Why adopt Cloud now?

Business is ready for cloud: the efficiency, flexibility and agility that cloud delivers is the only way to satisfy demands from within organisations to do more with less, to meet customer/user demands and to gain competitive advantage among other forward-thinking businesses.

At the same time, cloud is ready for business: tried and tested, cloud technology is finally mature, while vital commercial standards and security are now in place.

Why Cloud? The Business Case

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